How Moms do Laundry.

What’s a laundry service, anyway?

Well I’m so glad you asked!  A laundry service is life changing.  Seriously, a laundry service can totally rock your world.  Think I’m joking?  Being overly enthusiastic?  Maybe.  But just ask all of those smarty-pants people who are currently using a laundry service!  They will actually tell you how amazingly awesome it is.  I wonder if I could find a few more adjectives to throw in there… I just love getting out of the laundry that much!  To quote a WishWash lover about the use of her laundry service as a mother, it was “worth every freakin penny to not be pissed off at them for wearing clothes”!

So what makes having a laundry service so incredible?  Let’s go through your current laundry process.  It probably goes a little something like this:

1.     Stare at all of the laundry sitting around your house and in the hampers and feel a wide range of hateful emotions toward it.  The laundry doesn’t deserve it.  But you don’t care.

2.     Procrastinate starting the laundry because it seems like such a boring and mind-numbing task to take on.

3.     Try to use the power of telekinesis to get that laundry into the washer, only to find out you still don’t have telekinetic powers.

4.     Feel bummed about your lack of telekinetic powers.  Wish you could be Matilda.  (Oh you’ve never watched Matilda?  The middle-school girl in me is sad for you.  You should watch it!)

5.     Realize you have been getting sidetracked and putting off the laundry for several days.

6.     Start gathering the laundry from all of the many spaces in your house that it is hiding.

7.     Make a giant pile in the laundry room. 

8.     Name it Mount Laundry.

9.     Start to sort mount laundry by colors.

10. Just start throwing laundry into your washer.  Start your washer.

11. Pat yourself on the back.

12. Get distracted when you hear, “Mommy!  Mommy!!  Mommy!!!  It’s an emergency!  I am starving!  When are we eating lunch?  Why isn’t food ready?  But I’m hungry nowwwww… I might starve if you don’t make me lunch soon! 

13. Make your screaming child lunch so he doesn’t starve.  Get distracted by a million other tasks similar to the task of feeding the hungry child.

14. 24 hours later: Think “Oh crap!  I started laundry yesterday!”  Do a smell-check of the washer.  Rewash the clothes.

15. Repeat steps 12-14.

16. Throw that laundry in the dryer like a boss.  Throw another load in the washer, even remembering to add the fabric softener this time!

17. Pour yourself a glass of wine to celebrate how you’re totally rocking this whole domestic goddess thing.

18. 24 hours later: Crap!  You forgot about that laundry again.  At least the wine was delicious.  Restart the dryer to get the wrinkles out of the clothes.  Rewash load number 2 to get the musty smell out.

19. Repeat steps 12 & 13.

20. Give up. 

21. Throw the laundry from the dryer into a basket.  It’s wrinkled.  You don’t care at this point. 

22. 4 days later: Realize there are now 5 clean baskets of laundry to fold/hang/get the wrinkles out of.

23. Cry.

24. Decide the laundry isn’t worth crying over. 

25. Spend the next 3 weeks digging for clothes out of the laundry baskets in front of your bed.  They might be wrinkled, they might smell slightly musty… but they’re “clean”.  Think about how there “has to be a better way”… wonder how everyone else manages to keep their kids in clean clothes.

26. Repeat steps 1-25.  Every day.  Every freaking day. 

Whoa girl.  That is a lot.  25 steps to get your laundry done?  It’s true, you do it, the mom down the street does it, and I used to do it.  Wanna know the secret to changing this and making your laundry day fun again?  Keep reading.

Hire a laundry service. 

I know what you’re thinking.  “But wait… that’s so expensive!  I can basically do it for free!  That seems like such a luxury, something only rich people should be doing.”  Ladies, how much is your sanity worth?  Also, when you add up the amount you are spending in utilities- washing and drying your clothes over and over and the amount spent on supplies, (detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, etc), how much are you really spending? 

Here’s what your laundry process could be:

1.     Get excited that it’s your laundry pickup day.

2.     Enthusiastically gather your laundry and throw it in your bag.

3.     Place the bag on your front porch. 

4.     24 hours later: Get excited when you see that your laundry has been delivered.

5.     Open your bag to find that your laundry is neatly folded and admire how the clothes on hangers don’t have wrinkles.  Giggle when you notice that even your underwear is folded.  Notice how wonderful it smells.

6.     Pat yourself on the back for saving yourself so much time and effort.  Job well done. 

Think about that for just a moment.  A laundry service could make your life so much simpler.  Why not just give it a try? 


With love and empty laundry baskets,