So how much does our laundry service cost?  We charge by the pound of laundry. How much does a normal load of laundry weigh?  Anywhere from 13-17 pounds, so we normally just say around 15.  Let us help you get out of your laundry room and back to what you love.


Bulky Items

Priced by Item

Comforters - $30

Small/Medium Rug- $7.50, Large Rug- $10

Call us for pricing on anything else! If it's dirty, we can probably wash it!


Dry Cleaning

See our dry cleaning page.  Click here.


Small Business

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Dry cleaning


Every garment you bring in receives personal care and attention throughout our multi-step process.  We inspect each garment for stains, damage, missing or broken buttons and special instructions from our customers to ensure proper preparation and cleaning.  Your garment will not only be throughly clean, but will look as good or better than the last time you wore it.  Once inspected one last time, it is then packaged carefully to avoid wrinkling in transport back to your home.

WishWash Club

Interested in a recurrent service membership?  Join the Club! For just $20 you can join the club and get discounted rates on your laundry service.  What do club members get?


Set Pickup Schedule

When you join the club, we'll give you a set pickup day each week based upon our routes.  You'll have a regularly scheduled day of the week for pickup, and drop off will always be the following day.


Lower Prices

All of our club members receive lower pricing, no matter the amount of laundry you have.  Don't have any for the week?  Not a problem!  Just let us know you're taking a week off.  You only pay for what you need.  Club members enjoy a discount of 40 cents per pound off of regular one-time prices and pay $1.95 per pound of laundry. That’s an almost 20% savings!


Professional Laundry Bags

When you are having your laundry regularly done, you need a bag (or 2) that can hold it all neatly!  Sign up to be a club member and receive a new wash and fold bag.  No reusing- they are yours to keep!  Our bags have a side pocket to store all of your special instructions and customize your process to exactly how you want it.