Copy of Airing my dirty laundry

Copy of Airing my dirty laundry

Yup, you read that right…I no longer do my laundry. I love it. My husband really loves it. And it’s one big thing that I can check off my list without having to do it myself.

WishWash Laundry - My New BFF!

There are few things I hate more than doing laundry. I let my dirty clothes pile up in the hamper, until I have nothing left to wear. Cue the panic of realizing it's midnight on a Sunday and I have to start a load of laundry if I want to wear clothes to work the next day (I do). But a few weeks ago I met my new best friend - WishWash Laundry - and my life has been changed forever!

That last statement may seem dramatic, but I can't express how much easier WishWash has made my life. WishWash is a laundry pickup/delivery service that picks up all your dirty laundry - no separating necessary - and delivers it perfectly laundered the next day. You set your preferences for frequency, folding, detergent scent, and more all through the Wish Wash App which is super user friendly (even for a non-tech saavy gal like me). All you have to do is leave your laundry on your front porch in your scheduled timeframe and they take care of the rest! You even get updates via text when the driver is on the way and when they have picked up or dropped off your clothes. There is no better feeling than coming home from work to fresh clothes on your doorstep!

The company was started by a busy mom in Kansas City who realized she couldn't be the only one drowning in laundry - and she was right. I am just a mom to a beagle, and I was feeling overwhelmed by my laundry each week so I can't imagine how real moms must feel. I honestly can't stop talking about WishWash and how much stress they have taken out of my week.

Right now, Wish Wash services Johnson County but there are talks of expanding to the down town area! For all you JoCo people, Wish Wash was kind enough to give loKCal readers a 10% discount if you use the code "KATE" at checkout!

If you want to learn more, watch Ava and Eli explain why their mom started Wish Wash (and prepare for cuteness overload!).


Author: Kate McLiney

How Moms do Laundry.

How Moms do Laundry.

What’s a laundry service, anyway?

Well I’m so glad you asked!  A laundry service is life changing.  Seriously, a laundry service can totally rock your world.  Think I’m joking?  Being overly enthusiastic?  Maybe.  But just ask all of those smarty-pants people who are currently using a laundry service!  They will actually tell you how amazingly awesome it is.  I wonder if I could find a few more adjectives to throw in there… I just love getting out of the laundry that much!  To quote a WishWash lover about the use of her laundry service as a mother, it was “worth every freakin penny to not be pissed off at them for wearing clothes”!