WishWash monthly Subscriptions


By-the-bag subscription plans as low as $89 a month.

  • Same great service and process as our per-pound offering, including order customization and free, unlimited hang dry.

  • Per bag pricing means if it fits in your bag, we’ll get it clean. No more wondering what your service will cost!

  • WishWash Weekly bags hold up to 25 pounds of laundry, or about 2 normal-sized loads.

  • Weekly or biweekly pickup on your designated route day and free delivery, as always!


Choose the plan that fits your needs.

Bronze- $89

  • Our smallest plan, perfect for the individual needing some help managing their laundry basket.

  • You’ll receive one bag to fill, every other week, for a total of 2 bags or 50 pounds/month.

  • 29% savings from per-pound pricing!

Silver- $169

  • Our silver plan is great for individuals or couples needing weekly laundry service.

  • You’ll receive one bag to fill weekly, for a total of 4 bags or 100 pounds/month.

  • 32% savings from per-pound pricing!

Gold- $299

  • Our most popular plan for families of 3 or more who don’t want to spend their whole weekend in their laundry room.

  • You’ll receive 2 bags to fill weekly, for a total of 8 bags or 200 pounds/month.

  • 40% savings from per-pound pricing!

Platinum- $499

  • For large families, estates, and those needing just a couple more bags to fill.

  • You’ll receive 4 bags to fill weekly, for a total of 16 bags or 400 pounds per month.

  • 50% savings from per-pound pricing!

Overage (extra bags outside of your paid subscription plan) charged at the per-pound price.