What is a private giving page?

Think of it like a meal train, but for laundry. When you request a private giving page, we’ll set up a password-protected page for friends and family to make contributions the individual in need. Then you can share the page and password with those who would like to contribute. Once a contribution is received, the amount will be added as a credit to the individual’s account to use toward WishWash laundry service.

Perfect for:

  • Injuries/Surgeries

  • Arrival of a new baby

  • Military deployment

  • Extended illnesses

  • Condolences

  • Group Events


Request a Private Giving Page

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Your Name
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Your Phone Number
Giftee's Name *
Giftee's Name
The giftee is the person who will be receiving the service.
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Giftee's Phone Number
Title will be public
Let people know why you are creating this page and why the giftee is in need of laundry service