Founded by a busy mom, WishWash understands the value of your time.  We are here to get you out of your laundry room and back to what you love today.


Ever just wish your laundry would magically do itself? We did too. After the birth of a new baby, we found our hands full. Of kids, and LAUNDRY. Oh the laundry, there were mountains and mountains of that stuff. It seems like you put one shirt in and it finds a cute, single shirt in the hamper, and by the time you're folding you've found that they've made a baby and you have another shirt to fold. Or two. Amiright? We've been there. We can help with that. Are you a busy professional with an active social life and don't have time for laundry? We can help with that too! (Side note- we're jealous.) Living in an apartment or somewhere without convenient access to laundry? We do that too! Or maybe you are looking for the PERFECT Mother's Day gift or a gift for a new momma. We've got you covered. We are in the business of making moms happy and giving anyone who does laundry back some free time.  

Do you do laundry? (Yes.) Would you like some free time back in your life? (Duh.) Then we are your answer. Let us help. We'll do the laundry, you kick your feet up and have a glass of wine. You wish, we wash!